This is a blog about periods. Not the full stop kind, the uterine lining kind (but you probably gathered that from the URL).

I decided to start this blog because after having written my 10,000 word undergrad dissertation on the relationship between menstrual stigma and sexism in France, I realised that actually, 10,000 words was nowhere near enough to share all the cool things that I know about periods, and all the cool things that people should know about periods. After getting as much mileage as I could from bothering my friends with my period facts and rants, I decided to go bigger and create a blog with the potential to similarly bother the whole world.

More seriously though, I think that talking about periods is important for the precise reason that people don’t talk about them enough. Society is weirdly afraid of periods, which makes the world a bit shit if you’re the kind of person that actually has periods. So I’m doing my part to change that, by challenging our preconceived ideas about menstruation and menstruants (people who menstruate). Hopefully, everyone will feel a bit more comfortable talking about periods, and the world will be slightly more informed and slightly less ignorant. Aside from the preachy stuff though, all of these prejudices mean that throughout history there have been some really weird, fascinating and ridiculous ideas about periods that are endlessly entertaining to discuss.

I have a lot of different ideas for article topics – menstruation in pop culture, a history of menstrual products, weird and obscure myths about periods, feelings about menstruation, sex and menstruation, meanings attached to menstruation, and a lot of other stuff. I’m always looking for new ideas though, so if you have any suggestions, hit a gal up via the Contact page.